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Testing & Inspection

Fusilier specialise in electrical test and inspection.

Electrical inspection and testing is a health and safety requirement. If you own a commercial or domestic premises then it is your responsibility to have the wiring periodically tested to ensure it’s safe.

Increasingly, insurers are insisting that inspection and testing be carried out on a regular basis. If you suffer an avoidable accident, then under law if found guilty you will be deemed to have committed a criminal offence.

Electrical Installation Condition Report ( EICR )

The purpose of inspection and testing is to determine what if anything needs to be done to maintain the existing electrical installation in a safe and serviceable condition.

The results of the inspection and testing are detailed in the EICR noting any damage, deterioration, defects and dangerous conditions found in the installation that don’t comply to the current electrical regulations BS 7671.

Fusilier Electrical specialise in carrying out EICR, all our engineers hold the CG2391 test & inspection qualification and armed with the most advanced test equipment and licensed software.

This allows our engineers to log test results on to their devices to ensure that the results are captured efficiently and accurately at the time of test, the certificate is then uploaded to the office for finalisation by our qualified supervisors.

Our software is updated automatically with any changes in legislation/guidance so that certificates issued are always up to date.

Whilst carrying out the (EICR) we always ensure that:

  • DB schedules are installed and if not, these are installed whilst on site.
  • We provide a comprehensive list of defects on the certificate.
  • As well as certificates issued, we can provide quotations for rectification of remedial defects.
  • Install unique DB references, if required.
  • Our engineers have cameras so that any images of defective equipment or installation in areas can be recorded.
  • Our engineers are also equipped with thermal imaging cameras to check distribution equipment to highlight any issues.

Insurers will not pay fines or compensation suffered resulting from a criminal offence so the question you must ask yourself is can you afford not to have your wiring tested.

Fusilier specialise in electrical test and inspection. All are engineers hold the CG2391 test and inspection qualification and are armed with the latest test equipment and software. This allows us to carry out the inspection quickly and efficiently minimising the disturbance to your business. Where necessary we can carry out testing during weekends and evening to further reduce the disruption to your business.


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