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EV Charge Points

Electric vehicles are becoming very popular.

With increasing awareness of the environment, many individuals and companies are switching to electric. It makes travel greener, cheaper and simpler. Electric cars don’t emit any harmful emissions like petrol & diesel cars making your travel better for the environment. When you purchase an electric vehicle, it’s essential you have a way to charge it effectively.


Public charging stations are increasing in numbers, but can be costly and time consuming to use. An at home charging point or a workplace station, means lower costs when charging your car and added convenience. Simply plug in your vehicle when you get home or when you park up at work. It’s also safer and significantly faster than a 13 amp plug socket.


Charge points are a convenient and effective way to charge your electric car, but it’s vital they are installed correctly. At Fusilier Electrical we always complete a full site survey, assessing your home or workplace to create a solution that best suits your requirements. We can install charge points at your home, build free-standing stations for workplace car parks, or create bespoke solutions for more unusual sites.

Being an independent EV charge point installer we work with all the major charge point manufacturer’s ensuring we will install the right charge point for you. As experts in EV charging, we can recommend the best long-term solution, so when you decide to install solar panels, your charger will allow you to charge your car from the energy generated.