Megger MFT-X1: Electrical Testing at Lightning Speed

Electrical Testing

In the world of electrical safety testing and troubleshooting, electricians having reliable equipment is paramount. For these tasks, we are loving the Megger MFT-X1. Designed to meet the demands of the job, the MFT-X1 has become an indispensable tool for us at Fusilier.

Unravelling the Features:

The Megger MFT-X1 is packed with features that enhance efficiency and precision. Here are some notable features:

  • Comprehensive Testing Capabilities: The MFT-X1 offers a wide range of testing functions, including electric vehicle charge point testing, insulation resistance, continuity testing, earth loop impedance, RCD testing and more. This multifunction device allows professionals to perform multiple tests using a single device.


  • Enhanced Connectivity: With built-in Bluetooth and USB connectivity, the MFT-X1 simplifies the data transfer and enables seamless uploading onto computer software.


  • Intuitive User Interface: The deceive boasts a user friendly interface with a high resolution colour display making it easy to use and navigate. The clear graphical representation ensures that professionals can interpret the readings swiftly and it reduces the chance of errors.


  • Durability and Portability: The MFT-X1 is built to withstand the rigours of all work environments. It provides protection against dust and water, it is also compact and lightweight making it ideal to carry to various jobs. 


Advantages of Using the Megger MFT-X1:

There are several advantages of the Megger MFT-X1 which make it a great choice amongst electrical professionals, such as:

  • Accuracy and Reliability: The device is designed and engineered to deliver accurate results. This precision is crucial for identifying electrical faults and ensuring the safety and compliance of electrical installations.


  • Time Efficiency: The MFT-X1’s multifunction capabilities streamline the testing process, allowing professionals to perform a range of tasks quickly and efficiently. Its interface and connectivity options also reduce time spent on traditional reporting and documentation.


  • Safety Compliance: With its ability to perform a wide range of tests, the MFT-X1 helps professionals stay in line with compliance and safety requirements. This in turn will help to reduce electrical related accidents.


  • Future-Proof Technology: Megger has a reputation for developing innovative and future-proof equipment, the MFT-X1 is no exception.


At Fusilier we use the Megger MFT-X1 because it is renowned across the electrical industry as the most advanced electrical tester on the market, with this one machine we can carry out all testing required. The Megger MFT-X1 is more accurate and faster than other testers, which is great news for our customers as it means less down time while we carry out testing in their homes or businesses especially where electrical supplies have to be shut down.

We also love the software that the Megger connects to, saving valuable time on administration and keeping our testing pricing competitive.

At Fusilier Electrical Ltd we believe using the best and most advanced equipment helps us provide our customers with the best service which we are known for.