Vent Axia

EV Charging Point Installation.Installation of new MCCB panel and upgrade main incoming supply to 630 amps. Installation of new 100 amp 3 phase sub-main to supply a dedicated 3 phase board for EV charge points. We then installed 4 EV charging stations with dynamic load management and o-pen protection. Chargers are controlled through RFID technology […]

Godstone Farm

We started at the origin of the installation and worked with UKPN to bring in there own private supply transformer and gave them the 315 Amp TP/N Supply. Along with this we designed and installed a bespoke MCCB Panel and distributed a 3 phase network around the site with an automated transfer switch to allow for […]


This was a new electrical installation on restaurant in our local area, we carried out a full fit out of the commercial kitchen and dining areas. We installed schneider anti-9 switchgear to provide the best level of circuit protection for our client and new 3 phase supplies for kitchen equipment .We installed quirky range of […]

Art Studio

Residential Art Studio – Now we loved this building, but its not everybody’s cup of tea. This was vital to get right for the client as they had very particular requirements. One of the first challenges we had was nothing to be installed on the outside of the building, so we deployed ground lighting to […]